Written Astrological Reports

Natal Report, Written               $75-100

Just looking for a straightforward interpretation of your birth chart? This written report is customized to you and written in the moment as I am synthesizing the information present in your birth chart.

My focus is always on the potential contained in your specific astrological make-up; your strengths and weaknesses and how best to work with them. So often we fight ourselves, trying to fit into some idea of how life is supposed to be lived. With the information in your natal chart you have a whole new set of information about how *your* life might best be lived, to go with the currents instead of against them.

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Monthly Transit Report, Written             $40-60

As the planets move in real time through the sky, they make contact with points within our own natal charts. Looking at these aspects can tell us what growth or transformation is asked of us, what difficulties or periods of luck might be coming coming.

These reports are not to foretell the future; rather, they allow us to work with the planets as they ask us to stretch, to grow new skins or to grieve the old ones.

This written report will touch on the major themes coming for you in the next month and how best you might work with them.

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