Over the years, I have been to see at least a dozen astrologers to get a sense of what's coming, what energies I may want to consider in my planning, and what personal growth opportunities the stars have in store for me. The very best readings I have ever had were from Kirsten. She didn't regurgitate information from a guidebook about each transit, instead, she looked at the whole picture from multiple angles and created a 3D picture that I carried with me for years after each reading. If I had to guess, her skills as an astrologer are one part astrological training and one part psychic intuition. I come from a long line of readers and occultist. Many women in my family could read the cards, palms, tea leaves but every now and then, someone had the gift. Kirsten is one of those people. She could read my cards, or my fingernail clippings, and SEE what I needed to hear. Kirsten is a trusted guide who will not try to predict your future but instead will hand you a roadmap of recommended routes and caution signs.

Nikole, Musician, Portland OR

Kirsten = the real thing // both naturally intuitive and practiced in her craft // her cards are but an extension of her natural way // the cards are but a tool // with a fiery mind and true heart, she is always helpful and incisive in her readings // fog clears // a map comes into view // highly recommend her services

Alec, Musician, Tacoma WA

Kirsten read my chart several years ago and I’m still uncovering the depth of information she shared with me. I learned a ton about myself from my reading and, as she taught me, about how the stars I was born under continue to inform who I am, how I show up in the world, my purpose and my path. Kirsten is knowledgeable, accessible and practices from a kind, grounded and intuitive place. She is a powerful astrology Priestess, gifted in her craft and I highly recommend her!

horizon, trauma worker, Portland OR

This was my first time having my tarot read and I couldn't have been happier with the reading Kirsten gave me. Kirsten has a natural way to make you feel at ease and comfortable with opening your mind and connecting to your inner self. She began our session with some light breathing to create a relaxed atmosphere, and took the time to explain her thought process in plain English for the inexperienced people like myself to understand. I felt like she found the perfect balance of leading the session while still encouraged me to speak up and elaborate on any connections made. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Haley, Revenue Agent, Tacoma WA

Thank you Kirsten for your guidance.  You have given me some tools that I will definitely take into consideration and practice in regards to my daughter.  I appreciate your articulate and thoughtful explanations. Thanks for doing what you do!

Sarah, Pharmacy Technician, Monroe WA