Saturn Goes Direct

You guys! Saturn went direct today!

Saturn has been retrograde in Capricorn since April 17th. A planet is retrograde when it appears to go backwards through the sky. Any retrograde period means a revisitation, reassessment, possibly a re-do of whatever parts of life that planet rules. Retrogrades give us the *opportunity* (whether we want it or not!) to see what we missed the first time and maybe, hopefully, do it differently.

Saturn rules authority, discipline and maturity. Saturn is the part of our charts where things are never given to us easily, but once we earn them we know they are really ours. In Capricorn, Saturn’s natural home, we’ve really been given a double whammy of stern guidance. Whatever Capricorn touches in your chart might have felt extra hard, mucky and full of self-doubt the past 5 months. But along with the heaviness was there also a feeling that maybe, maybe you CAN do this, after all?  There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than realizing you’ve truly learned or achieved something that you thought you never would.

For me, Saturn has been grinding over some super sensitive parts of my chart for years, and at times I thought I would crumble under the pressure. But I didn’t crumble. I accepted that sometimes things are hard and I did the work. And today things feel like they are coming clear in a quiet, humble way. Saturn is going direct right on top of my Ascendant and here I am finally starting the astrology practice I’ve been hemming and hawing over for years.

I hope the same can be said for any of you that have been struggling with Saturn’s tough lessons.


Watch out for a blog post coming soon all about my experiences with Papa Saturn. And meanwhile, I’m curious to see how this energy concerned with authority, rules and society going direct affects the Powers That Be.

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