Astrological Counseling

Astrological Counseling Session, 90-120 minutes        $90-150

In the interest of encouraging space for ongoing work I am offering a discount if you book and pay for 3 or more sessions at once.

3 sessions, a total of 4.5-6 hours, at sliding scale $250-400.


Astrology is an amazing tool for self-knowledge. The first time I had my chart done, a whole new world of understanding and self-acceptance opened up. But as an astrologer, after reading a chart for someone I was sometimes left feeling incomplete. Often, reading charts felt like spitting out a lot of information at someone and then sending them off to figure it all out. I was offering the knowledge, but I've always loved the idea of going further.

And so, astrological counseling sessions were born.

In the first session, we'll take a look at your natal chart. Each of us hold specific needs and specific ways of meeting them. We each hold places of pain and places of ease and joy. We will talk these out using your chart as a map. Depending on the person and the session, we can figure out steps for you to take to work with your chart.

Sometimes, just talking and being seen is the greatest magic. Other times, you might need more. Tarot, spellwork, breath and energy work, intuition, ritual or prayer are some of the tools we can draw on to help you in your journey.

If you choose to do further sessions, we can deepen the discussion of your natal chart, digging into difficult areas and co-creating tools for love and transformation.

Another option is to look at the planetary transits that are affecting you. As the stars move in the sky around us, they contact sensitive points in our own charts. These might be times of heightened fear, upwellings of trauma reactivity, emotionality and even, sometimes, times of heightened luck and joy. Each transiting planet is asking us to do some kind of work, to grow or transform, and you can work with them in the same way you work with your natal chart. Transit sessions can be monthly or sporadic. It is up to you.

I love interactive, co-created spaces of connection. So much magic happens in these spaces. I'm very excited to offer these counseling sessions.

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